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10th June. I have now devised a cut down version of our What`s On Leaflet, which you can print on your Home Printer. Just go to What`s On at the top of this page and click on WOLeaflet Home Print

1st May I have just completed a complete overhaul of the Virtual (On Line) meetings of the HAA. I hope you will like them.The "meeting" will stay opon as long as is necessary, after which voting will be closed but the rest will remain as a sort of Record Or Minutes of the meeting.Click on "Virtual Meetings" under "Meetings" at the top of this page

17th April. The Quarterly General Meeting of the HAA which was to have taken place this month will be replaced by a Virtual Meeting on a page on the HAA website. This page has already been started, so do go along and see the subjects that will be discussed.

15th April. I hope that all trustees have found time to go to our Virtual (On Line) meeting.The time it will stay open has been extended to the end of the month.

8th April. I am now changing the Front End of the Virtual Meeting file. If you are already signed up and logged in as a User or a Trustee then you will not see any difference, but otherwise Signing up, etc. is just a click away.

8th April. I have re-arranged the Meetings on the Navigation Bar above. This now shows (Virtual Meetings which gives a drop down list of virtual meetings.

5th April, 2020. The Virtual (on line) Meetings system has now been set up on this Web site. the first one is an Ececutive Committee Meeting, and if all goes well the next one will be a Quarterly General Meeting, for April.

1st April, 2020 Today is the start of a new financial year. The Accounts for last year are ready, but to save sending bits of paper around, any member can download a set of accounts. Send a message to treasurer@hi...... for a full set of accounts 11 pages or the shorter version 4 pages,

The Hillingdon Arts Association is here to foster ART and help all those involved with ART in any way.

Front Page of WO leaflet
For an up-to-date list of ALL future events, go to Whats On at the top of the page and select `List of Events`
Sculptural Hillingdon is a free booklet published by the HAA.
It is a guide to 14 of the sculptures and other interesting sites you can see in this borough.
Although it is now out of print you can see the pages by either clicking the image above or going to 'News & Views' at the top of this page and selecting 'Sculptural Booklet'
A new version is being prepared, so if you know of any sculptures in this area, please contact us.

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