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Applying for Personal Membership

There are now 2 classes of Membership

1).ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP. You will get Emails, Newsletters and other information about what is going on regarding the ARTS in this Area. You will be sent details of Meetings and be able to attend them, but Associate Members cannot vote.
2). FULL MEMBERSHIP. You will get all the things shown above, plus you can vote at meetings.
Otherprivileges include:-
If you are a profeesional or semi-professional or amateur, and give recitals, displays or exhibitions of your work, you can have these featured free of charge on our Website, and in our What`s On leaflet.
Or if you run classes, workshops, meetings or clubs for yourself or for a school, university, church local or national authority or national association or charity, the same thing applies. There is a membership fee for full members of £12 per year

If you are associated with an organisation like a school, college, hospital, church, national charity,local authority, club, etc. you can enter its name here.
Select which type of membership you require