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Front Page of WO leaflet

Melvyn Care Receiving the Michael Craxton Award from the Mayor of Hillingdon.

Front Page of WO leaflet

The WINTER EDITION of our WHAT'S ON leaflet is available from the 1st DECEMBER 2017 onwards.
Future What's On leaflets can be printed by going to What's On above and selecting 'WOLeaflet - 1Page'
For an up-to-date list of ALL future events, go to Whats On at the top of the page and select `List of Events`

Sculptural Hillingdon is a free booklet published by the HAA.
It is a guide to 14 of the sculptures and other interesting sites you can see in this borough.
A new version is being prepared, so if you know of any sculptures in this area, please contact us.

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