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How the WHAT`S ON system works

I started producing a What`s On leaflet when I was elected Chairman of the Ruislip/Northwood Arts Council. The idea was to help publicise the events of the members of that Council. That was 20 years ago and it has been issued three or four times a year ever since.
When the R/N Arts Council ceased, and the services it provided were taken over by the Hillingdon Arts Association, the What?s On leaflets were also taken over to cover all the member art societies, and was paid for by the HAA. .


A list of all events notified is kept on a database which is on the Web Site`s Server which is not available to the public.
This database forms the basis for publicity. On the new section of the Web Site at whatson.hillingdonarts.org.uk.
Entry of your event is FREE OF CHARGE to Member Societies and individuals with Full membership.. There is a small charge for each entry for non-members of £10 per entry. (The cost of membership is £15 per annum for societies, and £10 for individuals.

How to get your event listed.

Select `Enter Events` at the top of this page. This is the easiest way. There are drop down lists to choose from to save a lot of typing.
If you start typing the venue, it suggests the rest. Just click on it. If you type it in, it will add it to the list which is not good if it is already there as there will now be two entries the same. Sending details to me takes more time for you and for me. The form also reminds you to give details like times or prices which you may forget.
Check one of the leaflets to see how each item is set out. Because of the lack of space only 5 or 6 lines per event can be used. Keep details short to fit on one line only. You can enter as much extra information as you like in the blue box, and this will be shown on the web site listings where there is plenty of space.




Any group, organisation, society, or Group of societies can be a member of the HAA providing they do not restrict membrship because of colour, creed, etc. There are no restrictions either geographically or financial, except they must agree with the Objects of this Charity, and be involved with "Art" in some way. Individuals may also be members.


; An event can be an exhibition, demonstration, illustrated lecture, workshop, concert, play, recital, pantomime, musical, etc. What is not included are general meetings, AGMs, also fairs and fetes unless there is a substantial Art element.
Events must be at a venue "In the general area of Hillingdon". This means that they can be just over the the border of the Hillingdon Borough.e.g. Hatch End, Iver, or Northolt.