Entering your event into the Council`s new Brochure

Pleae send an Email to with the answers to the following questions.
1) Which HAA organisation are you submitting on behalf of?
2) Please provide a contact name and telephone number
3) What is the name of the event you want listed?
4) Please describe the event, with as many details as you can. We may edit this description to fit the space available, but will put complete descriptions online.
5) At which venue is the event taking place? (include postcode)
6) What are the day(s), date(s) and start time(s) for this event?
7) What will it cost people to attend? And is advance booking available?
8) Please attach an image, that you have permission to use in print, in order to illustrate the event. Here are the image specifications;
Brochure Image: Square 80mm x 80mm (945 x 945 pixels), min 300dpi
Website Image1 : Rectangle 725px (wide) x 300px (high), min72dpi
Website Image 2; Square 110px x 110px min 72dpi
If no image is available, the entry may be smaller than those with an image.
9) What public contact details can we include, so people can get in touch directly regarding this event?
10) Is there anything else we should know?


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