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Find out about Art Classes in your area.

There are a great number of Art classes in this area covering many types of “ART”  Painting and Drawing, Dancing, Singing, Playing an Instrument, Acting, writing, Photography, both still and film making, sculpture, crafting, flower arranging and the written word, to name just a few.  

If you are a Tutor or Organiser of any sort of Art Classes, then  these are some of the advantages you will get by joining the HAA as a “CLASS MEMBER”

If you wish to alter an entry about your classes please send details via the ”Contact Us” page on this site quoting the Reference number shown, or your membership number.

Classes can be run by a Tutor, or by an Organiser.   They can be run on behalf of a church, local authority, local or national society, or by one of our Member art societies.  Sometimes these are aimed at a particular group, such as children, the old, the infirm or disadvantaged, carers or for particular ethnic types of art.

They all provide a valuable service to the community, and we at the Hillingdon Arts Association want to do all we can to help and support them. Education has always been one of the cornerstones of the Hillingdon Arts Association’s objects, and so we are creating a special type of Membership for those who run any  sort of “CLASSES”

Class Memberhip can be for any person or group offering instruction with a Tutor. (Not included are demonstrations, lectures and talks. Or regular classes in a school, college or university. These are covered by other types of membership.)

Classes can be on a with profit or commercial or professional basis. Or on a non-profit voluntary basis.

Naturally there should be no restrictions on joining your classes by virtue of race, colour or creed, etc.,